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We are proud to present some partners, working successfully together with afw-music! Choose our partnerlinks:

David Mindel

Soul Searchers is David Mindel’s first musical. Musical theatre has always been his passion.

Magnus Lindgren

SOULS  (EDEL:Content) is his current album release in Germany. November 2013


John Groves Music

We produce music for advertising and communication. Over the years, we have created a lot of memorable music for many of the worlds most famous brands (see client list). The experience we have gained has provided the foundation for our Strategic Sound Branding System.

Music by Design

MBD is one of the UK’s most established, experienced and innovative music production companies designed to cater for the needs of TV, film and advertising industries.

Kingdom Come

Peermusic, the pre-eminent independent music publishing company in the world, has exceptional outreach through the company's 32 offices located in 27 countries. Founded more than 75 years ago, peermusic's vast and varied catalogue includes more than 450,000 titles in all genres of music.

Seals & Crofts

SGO MUSIC LTD. are music publishers and management with own offices in UK and US.

Roger Whittaker
World Connection

World Connection, one of the most energetic Dutch recording companies focusing on ‘world music’ in Amsterdam.

Ryder Music Productions & Publishing

Ryder Music Productions & Publishing is an independent company founded in the mid eighties by Cees Jansen.The company produces a wide range of musical styles

Cliff Richard
Brands Music

Brands Music are music publishers, producers of records, managers and consultants to the entertainment industry based in Holland.

deep base
Drifters / Midsommar
Stone Castle Production

The Agency Fischvermittlung is looking after the music production for commercials, film- and TV.


TINUTA is a music publishing and a consulting company which has been founded in 1999 by Marie-Hélène JARNO-TAPHOREL and is based in Paris/France.

ASS Concert + Promotion

ASS Concert + Promotion is one of Germanys best known tourpromoters.

SilverSonic Records

Very active and successful German label based in Dortmund

Music Box Publishing

Music Box Publishing, l’Esprit des Créateurs is a young and independent French music publisher offering global copyright administration, creative and synch/licensing services to writers, publishers and other publishing rights holders.

Ute Helms
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