Milla Kay

Milla Kay, born in Kiel 1973, is a very confident, relaxed artist, who has always taken the time to follow her inspirations. After graduating from school, she first tried her luck as a window-display-decorator, then studied English and music to become a teacher and later switched to interior and general design. ‘When I had finished collecting different job experiences, I realized I wanted to be a freelance musician more than anything else.’

She does not regard her widespread talents as a distraction, but rather as a gift that enables her to live different artistic lives at the time. And so, she can edit her own videos or help design her album covers with professional know-how.

Apparently it is the combination of the colourful impulses and the Hanseatic coolness that make Kay's distinctive ‘Singer-Songwriter-Jazz’ so irresistible. Her carefully arranged tracks bear a delicate, airy catchiness, which Kay manages to tenderly coat with a hint of melancholia.



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