Magnus Lindgren

Magnus Lindgren (born in Västerås 1974) is a Swedish jazz musician. He studied at the Västerås Music College. He then attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, and began working with the Soul Enterprise. He began playing with Herbie Hancock at age 18, and formed his current quartet in 1997. Among others, he has also worked with James Ingram, Koop, Bob Mintzer, Steve Slagle, Jim McNeely, Barbara Hendricks,[1] Jojje Wadenius, Blacknuss, Andreas Hedlund and Lisa Ekdahl. In 2001, Magnus was voted best Swedish jazz artist of the year by Fasching. Magnus Lindgren has received numerous honors, including the Gevalia Award and the Arne Domnérus Prize.

Although known mainly playing the saxophone and flute, Magnus is a multi-instrumentalist. A skilled composer, Magnus was commissioned to write music for the Nobel Banquet in 2003.


Published on 14.05.2010

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